Pete Silver



Pete Silver joined the Chartered Practice in 1997 as a junior partner and has been a director ever since the practice became a limited company.

Pete’s early career involved working as development manager for a housing association in South London as well as working as a tradesman for a small building company specialising in conservation and refurbishment. He trained at the Architectural Association and completed four years as a research associate in the Land Use Research Unit at King’s College London. He has worked as a studio design tutor at the Architectural Association as well as at the Bartlett, University College London.


For the last ten years, Pete has been joint co-ordinator of Technical Studies at the University of Westminster. He is also the co-author of three technical textbooks.


His likes include:
Playing drums and percussion (conguitas)
Swimming (and big seas!)
Making stuff


His dislikes include:

Cold weather (all those years on building sites…)

Cold weather( “ “ “ “ motorbikes…)